Your body should work fantastically. You really do your best to eat healthy, you exercise, try to relax. But it just doesn't work. You don't get your energy, your digestive system, your health in order.

This week you went to the toilet twice for a a number 2 (resulting in those terrible cramps). The other week you have pain in your stomach all day and you are constantly looking for a toilet because you have to go for the fifth time. Your are sure you have food intolerances, but you don't know which. Maybe a leaky gut?

You have already tried a couple of things in terms of nutrition: sugar-free, low-carbohydrate, maybe even gluten-free. But it does not work, you can not put your finger on it, what the problem exactly is.

You are so tired, at 9 p.m. you are already exhausted on the couch or maybe even in your bed, where you make a cowardly attempt to read a book (but after 2 pages you are already asleep).

(And then we haven't even talked about all that gas escaping from your gut! No, it wasn't me…)

How to continue?

How long will you keep this up? What if the abdominal pain gets worse or doesn't go away? Or that before you leave home, you first have to determine where all the toilets are on the way? That you can take less and less food, because your body gets tired of everything, your belly starts to bubble or you can go straight to the toilet?

Do you really want it to change? What are you willing to do? Continuing on the same path also means keeping the same complaints.